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Beginning on September 1, 2019 10% tariffs will begin on List 4 for Chinese produced products.  The list includes bulk bags. In addition, there is a 8.4% duty. If negotiations are not met by September 1st, that will be 18.4% increase on List 4 products.

JohnPac does not import bulk bags from China.  The added costs from this tariff will not affect our FIBC products as we manufacture in the United States at our Crowley, Louisiana plant.  We also keep a vendor managed inventory of bulk bags at competitive pricing. Our mission is to be the most reliable supplier for your industrial packaging needs. In order to deliver on our promise, we keep multiple supply channels open to ensure whatever policy rolls out, we have our customers covered.

You may have thought domestic manufacturing of your woven polypropylene bags such as bulk bags would not be a competitive choice due to price.  Now is the time to ask if only a small savings if any savings at all is worth the long lead times and unpredictable shipping of your packaging products. Give us the opportunity to be your vendor. Request a quote with your products descriptions today!

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