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JohnPac remains committed to protecting the environment whenever and wherever possible whether through our own product lines, or through the vendors we use regularly. The following are a few of the ways we promote green work practices, both within our company and through the products we provide.

Recyclable Packaging: Our boxes are made of 37.8% recycled material. We also offer options of plastic containers, which are made of a minimum of 25% post-consumer recycled content.

Reduced Material Waste: JohnPac works to reduce material waste in all packaging. Example: recommending stronger, performance based stretch films. The increased strength results in less material being used, which means less material enters the waste stream.


JohnPac recycles plastic and cardboard in an effort to minimize our impact on the environment (landfill) and to be good stewards of our nation’s resources.

Cardboard is the single largest component of municipal solid waste around the world. Fiber from recycled cardboard is used to make new packaging products, greatly reducing the amount of trees that must be harvested to produce new fiber.

We currently have a cardboard recycling baler that allows us to tightly compress all sorts of cardboard and paper material into industry standard bales to facilitate handling and storage. Our custodian picks up recyclable cardboard from around the plant daily and bales it for shipping to a recycling center.

What is recyclable?

  • Polypropylene process materials.
  • Post-consumer polypropylene products. 
  • Uncoated corrugated cardboard, such as shipping boxes, cartons, etc. Any printing is acceptable.
  • Flat cardboard such as ink cartridge cartons, etc.
  • Kraft (brown) or bleached paper packaging material.
  • Molded fiber packaging material such as drink holders.

What is not recyclable?

  • All coated or waxed cardboard or cartons.
  • All plastics such as strapping, plastic bags, inflatable packing, Styrofoam, etc. (Small amounts such as packing slip envelopes and clear tape are acceptable.)
  • All cardboard contaminated with oil, food waste, toxic or hazardous materials.

How can you participate?

Simply remove all non-recyclable materials from cardboard and place neatly alongside any plant trash can for pickup. It is not necessary to “break down” boxes.

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