Meeting Your Packing Needs, One Solution at a Time.

Here at JohnPac, we pride ourselves on having extensive selections of inventory in all the packaging categories. The same holds true for our list of buckets
or pails, as they are commonly called for marketability’s sake. The list of possible pail and lid combinations is virtually endless, but we keep in
stock the most commonly used variations. Who ever thought that the buckets we used to wash our cars growing up would be a major item in the warehouse
of shipping & packaging distributors?

Detailed below is our “Bucket List” here at JohnPac.

Capacities Colors Descriptions Comparable Lids Pallet Quantities
86 ounces White Plain Plain 198
1 Gallon White Plain Plain 540
2 Gallon White Plain Plain / No Gasket 360
3.5 Gallon White Plain Plain, Spouted, No Gasket, “UN Approved” 144
3.5 Gallon Black Plain Plain & Spouted 144
4.25 Gallon White Flame Treated Plain / No Gasket 144
5 Gallon White, Black, Chevron Blue, Green, Grey, Mobil Red, Red, & Yellow Plain Plain, Spouted, No Gasket, “UN Approved” 120
5 Gallon White “UN Approved” “UN Approved” Plain or Spouted 120
6 Gallon White Plain Plain, Spouted, No Gasket, “UN Approved” 84
7 Gallon White Plain Plain, Spouted, No Gasket, “UN Approved” 72

JohnPac also stocks various sizes shaped Square, Flame Treated, Non-Hazardous, and even some sizes with plastic handles instead of the most popular, metal
handles. And as always, if we don’t stock it, we can get it!

Are Pails on your “Bucket List”? Call JohnPac and we’ll be happy to assist you in filling it out.

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